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Paranormal Investigation

  • Is your dwelling haunted? Do you feel an unseen presence around you? Strange smells, apparitions around? We shall resolve the haunting with a blended approach of science and religion.

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Paranormal Courses

  • Do you want to be a paranormal investigator? Do you have the guts to face the other side? Can you dare to think what has been taught to you since childhood? Certified Paranormal  Course is for you!

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Psychic Reading

  • What made man better than other races was belief. Belief to be better. If you have trust on your belief and yet you seem to be stuck, we shall show you a way out! We do first free reading! Get in touch. 

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Haunted or Not?

Is your house Haunted?

Does your house have signs of haunting? Choose your right option to know the truth!

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Are you Sensitive?

Is your ignorance giving a play ground to the spirits?

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Do you have it in you?

Can you become a paranormal investigator?


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Haunted Tourism India

Visit the ruins of the mysterious and most haunted locations.

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Paranormal Research Workshop

A day with us that would change your life. Learn to talk to them.

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Psychic Healing Workshop

From the Mystical crystals wands to the colourful auras,  you will learn it all. 

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A Handbook For Paranormal Investigators

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Centre For Indian Tantra and Sprituality

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The Ascended Master's Society of India

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A Handbook For Paranormal Investigators

That unexpected thud in the middle of the night, that lone blinking light, the sudden hiss in the eerie quiet, when goosebumps spike and a chill runs down your spine … is the fear unnecessary or should we be scared … very, very scared? Spirits, hauntings, ghosts, demons—some believe in them, some don’t. But whichever category you may fall into, one thing is certain—none of us fully understand the concept.

Krishna Consciousness Guidance Card

Krishna Consciousness Guidance Card


This deck of 44 cards serve as a guide in times of distress and joy. Inspired by the life and teachings of lord Krishna, the originator of BhagwatGeeta. Each card depicts hand painted illustrations portraying his stories/ leelas with a life message. If we look deep within and meditate on the card, we can find the solution to our problems.

Meditation and Yoga Studio

Located in Goa, Rock Forest is truly a precious discovery for Peace seekers from different parts of India and world. This Territory for rent is perfectly blended in greenery, hidden away from crowd and very close and centralised and 1.5 KM from the Beach. Our selection for the Panch Mahabhuta Kriya Yog.

Jungle Sarai

Centre for Higher Realization

Jungle Sarai, Situated in midst of a forest in Shivpuri ,Madhya Pradesh, this Sarai has been a halt of many Siddhas.  The premise itself has ruins of a 10th Century Devi Temple, which fills this campus with divine energy for meditation and self realisation. The place for the Maha Bhairav Yantra dhyan.

Crystals & Wands

We have in store best crystal pendulums in India. You can expect anything from a agate to raw diamond pendulum from us. The rarest of the rarest crystal healing wands to healing stones. When in need - Write to us!

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